Oneness Rhythm Exercise

What is Oneness Rhythm Exercise?

The Oneness Rhythm Exercise is based on Ki-Aikido movements. We have picked up some essential movements of Ki -Aikido which can be realized effectiveness in your daily life. And created a 3-minute short version, and a 6-minute-long version which has the same first half 3-minute exercise and additional 3 more minutes’ another movements and music that anyone can do at home.

By relaxing completely, you will be able to use your whole body in a balanced manner, and you will be surprised at how easy it is to perform various daily activities. You can get true relax from this exercise.


Oneness Rhythm Exercise is available in “Long Version (until the end)” and “Short Version (up to the middle of the full body relaxation exercise)”.
You can choose either version that suits you best according to your time or possible movement. The music for both the long and short versions can be downloaded free of charge.
This music may only be used by members of the Shinshin Toitsu Aikido kai (Ki Society) for the purpose of performing the Oneness Rhythm Exercises.

♫ Oneness Rhythm Exercise 6-minute version

♫ Oneness Rhythm Exercise 6-minute version (without conch sounds)

♫ Oneness Rhythm Exercise 3-minute version

Reference Video

This video is a reference video to “confirm the basic forms and movements of Oneness Rhythm Exercise” and is not a role model video.
Oneness Rhythm Exercises should be performed in a natural and comfortable manner, which is different for each individual depending on his/her physique, body type, and physical condition.
We recommend that you use this video as a reference for learning the movements and order. To master the movements correctly, please attend a training session or seminars at Ki Society HQ.

Explanatory Video

Here is a video showing the key points for performing the Oneness Rhythm Exercise.

Composed by Mr. Manao Doi

About Mr. Manao Doi
While working extensively as a musician, Mr. Doi produced sound, composed, and arranged music for CHEMISTRY which is a famous Japanese two-man band. That music became a million-seller. In 2001, he appeared on “NHK Red & White annual year-end song festival”, which is the most famous song festival in Japan, as a guitarist of the band.

He was a member of backing band for Japanese rock musician, Diamond☆Yukai for two years, performing live and touring.

He produced and arranged the well-known TV commercial song in Japan. He is also active in ethnic music, performing and recording with top musicians of Bossa Nova, Indian classical music, and Tibetan music.

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