About Shinshin Toitsu Aikido

Shinshin Toitsu Aikido was founded in 1974 by Soshu Koichi Tohei Sensei, 10th Dan in Aikido. Based on the essential Ki principle which is “Mind moves Body,” we learn “how to maximize the ability that people naturally have”, and “how to respect and lead others.”

These are the fundamentals that can be applied to everything in daily life, and so it is eagerly practiced by people whose fields are in sports, arts, management, education, and others.
Over 50,000 people are learning Shinshin Toitsu Aikido in 24 countries around the world such as America, Europe, Russia, Oceania, and Asia, regardless of language, culture and religion differences, today (As of January 2012).

Ki Principle (Mind moves Body)

About Shinshin Toitsu AikidoWe all have mind and body. The state of mind directly affects the state of body. We call this “Ki Principle: Mind moves Body”.

Body has its shape, however mind is not tangible. Therefore, people nowadays tend to disregard the effect of mind over body. However, the mind exerts a powerful influence over the body.
By the coordination of mind and body, we can perform to the best of our ability in all aspects of our lives.

Correct Posture with Mind and Body Coordinated

About Shinshin Toitsu AikidoWhen the posture is unstable, mind is not stable, and as a result we are unable to lead others. Therefore we learn correct posture when we first begin training.
Rather than learning to control others, we learn to control ourselves. Natural posture has natural stability. On the other hand, when the posture is not natural, for example, when we either add tension or collapse in a state of dead relaxation, the body does not have stability. When we coordinate mind and body, we can have natural stability without thinking about it. We also practice to keep this correct posture when in motion. This helps us to move faster and easier and also to make the body balanced and stronger. In addition, this correct posture gives a good impression to the others.

Ki Test

The “Ki Test” is the way to check the Posture with Mind and Body Coordinated.

When sitting or standing in calm stillness or even when in motion, we give a Ki test so we can discover whether the partner is experiencing coordination of Mind and Body or not. The Ki test has been applied not only in Shinshin Toitsu Aikido, but also with professional athletes and artists in their field of specialty.

Four Major Principles to Unify Mind and Body

These Four Major Principles are four ways for unifying mind and body.

These are the four ways to the top of the mountain, and the goal is the same whichever path is chosen. When we get one of the principles completely we automatically get all, and when we lose one, we automatically lose all.

We train correct posture through the four major principles to Unify Mind and Body.

  • 1) Keep One Point
  • 2) Relax Completely
  • 3) Keep Weight Underside
  • 4) Extend Ki

The Five Principles of Shinshin Toitsu Aikido

When we try to move someone with our selfish mind, their mind can easily resist.

In the same way, when we try to throw someone by force, their mind can easily resist. Then we will never be able to throw anyone who is stronger than we are. Instead, we need to respect and lead others.

There are five principles of Shinshin Toitsu Aikido.

By following these five principles, regardless of our size and strength, we can lead and throw the partner effectively.

Therefore, it is not necessary to worry about age and gender. Learning to respect others and lead the opponent’s mind correctly is also important in everyday life. It can be applied to management, leadership, education, and parenting and it is essential for many people.

About Shinshin Toitsu Aikido

  • 1) Ki is extending
  • 2) Know your opponent’s mind
  • 3) Respect your opponent’s Ki
  • 4) Put yourself in your opponent’s place
  • 5) Perform with confidence