Dojos : Shinshin Toitsu Aikido

There are approximately 400 dojos within Japan, and approximately 40,000 people practicing Shinshin Toitsu Aikido in 24 countries worldwide (as of June 2012).

Each dojo maintains its own class schedule and has specific experience related, as well as age related, classes so that all members can train at the appropriate level.


Visitors are welcome in our dojos. You do not need to merely sit on the side and watch, but also from the beginning you can experience the very safe elements of our practice, such as “Correct Posture” and “One Point under Lower Abdomen”. Some dojos hold “Introductory Seminar” for beginners.
Also, if you are interested in training in a particular dojo, important points to notice are the types of transportation available to you, as well as travel time to the dojo, the general atmosphere of the dojo, and most important, your compatibility with the instructors.

*During your first visits to the dojo, you may want to hold off trying the throwing and rolling, for safety reasons. You can always simply observe until you feel comfortable to begin training at a beginning level.
*Shinshin Toitsu Aikido can be practiced regardless of age and sex, experience of Budo and athletic talent.

Please go to Inquiry if you have any questions.

Adult’s Class

This class is conducted for adults. The dojos have specific division of classes, according to age.

Children’s Class

This class is for approximately 4~6 years old to 12~18 years old students. Please ask details to each dojo.

Ki Class

Members learn Ki Principles such as Mind & Body Coordination, Posture, Ki Testing and Ki Meditation etc.

Please go to Inquiry if you have any questions.