Spring is Here!

Looking at the garden at this time of year is probably the most enjoyable part of the year.

Every day there is something new coming to life or blooming. The temperature is rising and the last few days have been beautiful and sunny. Woods are also grow greener.

The entrance of the Tenshinkan Dojo on April.

When I go to Tenshinkan dojo, I often check for their changes.

I have taken some photos that show us the coming of spring, so here are some of them.

The first flowers to bloom in the still cold spring. These are plum trees.

Dojo and plum blossoms on March.

Even after the flowers have fallen, the fruit of the plum tree is so pretty. When you pick the fruits and pickle in salt with “Shiso” They become “Umeboshi,” a most of Japanese favorite.

As the weather gets a little warmer, the next Magnolia kobus (Japanese named Kobushi) will bloom.

Magnolia kobus (Kobushi) and the dojo roof

You can see a beautiful white Magnolia kobus (Kobushi) when You look up in here on March.

The winter buds of the Magnolia kobus are fluffy and cute, but in contrast, fruits are lumpy and interesting, like a clenched fist. It is said that this is why they were named “Kobushi”, meaning “fist” in Japanese. I’ll let you know when I see them.

Here are some of the flowers that bloom in March at Tenshinkan dojo. If I see any new blooming, I’ll take some more photos. Please look forward to it.

[By: Moe Mimori] [Photo by: Chitose Mochizuki]