The Maintenance of Fluorescent Lighting in the Tenshinkan Dojo

Today it rained in Tochigi for the first time in a long time due to the approaching typhoon.

I say a long time because the rainy season ended just a week ago.

This year’s “TSUYU” is very much like the rainy season. It has been long and wet, with no sunshine.( I wrote more about “TSUYU” in last month’s HQ NEWS). But this week, the sunny weather was so nice that it was exciting to do the laundry.

This is a photo of the figs at the Tenshinkan Dojo in June.

Figs dripping with water

They are soaking up all the moisture from the rain.

The moss between the stones on the ground is also very attractive and fluffy in the rainy season.

Although not yet very mossy in the photo, the stone paved in the Tenshinkan Dojo is this round stone.

There are changes not only outside the Dojo, but also inside the Dojo.

Can you see it in the photo?

Lobby of the Tenshinkan Dojo

The news is that the fluorescent lights in the lobby ceiling have been changed. They were broken in the big earthquake earlier this year, so for safety reasons we have fixed them.

By the way, do you have any memories at this lobby?

Before the Pandemic, we used to have a big party in the lobby every night when we had World Camp.

Every year someone would bring a souvenir drink from each country (vodka from Russia, wine from each country, etc.) or a snack (cheese or ham from Spain, chocolate from Belgium, macadamia nuts from Hawaii, beef jerky or smoked salmon from the USA, etc.) and we would share it. Everyone also likes sake which made in Tochigi, and drinks sake together. It is a very pleasant exchange.

Repairing the electricity in the ceiling which we did might sound like a minor change to you but for us it is a future wish to welcome you soon after this Pandemic.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Tenshinkan Dojo and having a nice party in the lobby with you.

[By: Moe Mimori] [Photo by: Chitose Mochizuki]